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Manual Heat Press Machine

Manual Heat Press Machine

This heat press has a temperature control that goes from off to 204C, a heat indicating light that goes off once the set temperature is reached, and a separate digital timer.

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Zapper Vinyl Remover

Zapper Vinyl Remover

The Vinyl Zapper removes vinyl, decals, pinstripes, reflective tape, and adhesives quickly and easily in a single operation. Performing on metal, glass, wood or fibreglass, the Vinyl Zapper strips vinyl without damaging paint or harming the underlying surface. The unique Eraser Wheel is designed with notched fingers that grab the edge of the vinyl and peels it from the surface. Vinyl and adhesives are removed without damaging OEM paint or harming substrate material. Adhesive residue will be removed while stripping the vinyl. Multiple layers of vinyl, old or new, can be removed at one time in hot or cold weather. The Vinyl Zapper will reduce labour by more than 60% and turns a tedious task into an easy operation.

Automatic Heated Take-Up Unit

Automatic Heated Take-Up Unit

Take up system for wide format printers, simple design, collects media automatically during printing and accurate media feeding on even the longest production runs. Eco Solvent ink dries quickly, perfect for unattended printing.

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