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A unique, highly flexible single pack acrylic-urethane clear coating for transport vinyl curtaining and other flexible plastics.  Hypershield cures to a hard yet flexible finish which is easy to clean and has excellent chemical and UV resistance.  Hypershield has been successfully used on vinyl curtain siding and on a variety of sign company applications over a period of time by a number of applicators, as a sealer after sign writing, as a sealer on plain unpainted curtains and UV protection to increase the lifespan of a coloured vinyl/graphics.  Hypershield Reducer is a reducer used for thinning Hypershield

We recommend the use of Hypershield over APA Truck Cut Graphics and Digital Vinyls.  We also recommend you use only Hypershield Reducer with Hypershield.

Available in 1 litre and 4 litre tins

Recommended dry film thickness 0.8mil. Theoretical coverage 10-13m2 per litre at 0.8mil dry film thickness

Mixing Ratio: Mix up to one part Hypershield Reducer to one part Hypershield.




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